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College contacts

Junior Censor: Dirk Aarts

For absences during term, approval of societies and parties in college, welfare concerns.


Senior Censor: Geraldine Johnson

For academic issues that can't be resolved by tutors


The Steward: Pauline Linières-Hartley

Email: or

Student enquiries:

Regarding grants, bursaries and awards, University cards (lost or damaged cards), enrolment certificates, exam entries and queries, and other general enquiries

Accomodation enquires and vacation residence: Jacqueline Folliard


House Manager: Camilla Mirto

For reporting faults in rooms - these can also be reported to scouts

Location: Tom 6, Ground Floor

Censors Office: Jackie Webber

For booking college lecture rooms or exhibition space, party forms, and for parking in Meadows


Conference Office: Emma Timms

For booking college guest rooms, the McKenna Room or Cathedral Gardens

Parking in Meadows: Terence Sanderson


Booking into dinner, or bringing guests


College nurse: Midge Curran

Welfare Coordinator and College Chaplain: Clare Hayns


Liddell manager: Karen King

For booking Handel Davies Room and BBQ, and for Liddell party forms.


IT Help:

The IT office is open for drop-in support between 9am-1pm and 2-5pm, Monday to Friday


Location: Opposite the Undie

Porters Lodge:


Phone: 01865 276 150



Vice President, Christ Church Association: Simon Offen​​


Christ Church Association Careers Rep: Tony Hart

Main contact for getting in touch with CHCH alumni for mentoring/work shadowing/advice

Email: or

University Careers Service: Damilola Odimayo

Main contact for any specific Careers questions such as CV/applications/interviews/features of the Careers Service


JCR Careers Rep: Sarina Chandaria

Main contact for any queries about CVs, applications, deadlines, advice, events being run or just to chat about concerns


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