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Book Grants £330 is available over the duration your course for the purchase of essential, relevant, academic books. The grant may be claimed in one, two or three instalments of no minimum amount, and may be made in any year of residence. The deadline for applications is Friday of 8th Week in each term.


Sport Grants - £350 grant for those awarded a full Blue and £250 grant for those awarded a half-Blue or who represented the University (in teams 1-3) in a Varsity match against Cambridge. Application due Friday 9th week.


Year Abroad Financial Support - application due Friday 8th week of Trinity term


Clubs and Societies Registration Form - societies must be registered annually by their President in order to host events and book rooms


Sport Club Registration Form - sport club registration is done by the JCR Sports Rep

*Vacation residence is now automatically applied for up to 28 days per year

All additional information and links can be found here.

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