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Your JCR

Our JCR committee puts on a range of events every term for students, ranging from entz to welfare, and you can have a look at what's coming up and other important dates using the link to the JCR calendar to the right. The common room itself is a space available to all undergraduates at college to spend time socialising, working and relaxing. If you would like to use the JCR for an event, please click the link to the right to check whether it is not already booked, and then email with the date, time and reason for your booking to confirm your request.


Hello everyone, I'm Yan and I'm your JCR welfare rep this year! I am on hand to help you however I can with any welfare related issues. I'll be the person emailing you with updates on welfare events, workshops and other things to look out for, both within college and across the wider university. I am also free for a chat any time; if you need me, or want to ask anything, let me know over email or Facebook message and I’ll try to arrange something.

In terms of Covid this year, we unfortunately won’t be able to run as many in person events such as Late Night Tea Break, Yoga or movie nights, however hopefully lots of these will move to some kind of online format. Other services such as peer support and welfairy will still be happening however. We understand that Covid-19 may bring up additional welfare concerns for many people, but please don’t struggle alone and do reach out to anyone in the welfare team if you want support or simply a chat.


My role is to: 

  1. Promote the undercroft to everyone in the JCR through events and advertisement.

  2. Plans and organise events.

  3. Use my budget to fix issues, provide equipment, and organise events in the bar.

The Undercroft (aka the Undie) is named after the storage crypt of a church, and is Christ Church’s college bar. Following the Undie’s recent post-covid return, we now serve our signature 7 Cardinal sins cocktails (named after the college’s original founder Cardinal Wolsey), along with seasonal selections of draughty pints and spirits, as well as non-alcoholic alternatives.


We’re open from 5-11pm every Wednesday-Saturday, and you can find events like silent discos, karaoke nights, as well as gigs from local artists and bands on throughout the term.


The Undie itself has darts, a pool table, adjustable LED lights and a jukebox which you can queue any type of music on. Come down for cheap drinks and great pres for nights out.


I've been working to:

  1. Maintain and develop the JCR website

  2. Promote the IT needs of JCR members

  3. Help with any WiFi trouble you might be having

    • A new WiFi network called CHCH-Members, replacing CHCH, is gradually being rolled out.

    • If ChCh-Members is slow where you're living in college, fill in form or email

    • Every week I check up on these most urgent cases and send a review to the IT technicians.

To access CHCH-Members you must:

1. Set a password at:

2. Follow the following WiFi configuration

  • Username: chri1234 (Same as your SSO)

  • Password: What you have set on the page:

  • Phase 1 Auth: PEAP

  • Phase 2 Auth: MSCHAPSV2

  • Certificate: Do Not Validate.

I'm in the process of negotiating with college on establishing a grant for academic technology. This seeks to take into account the affordability of technology from varying economic backgrounds.


Hiya! We are the two LGBTQ+ reps for Christ Church - Benjamin (he/they) and Zina (she/her). We are here for all things queer. We are always around for a chat if needed, just give us an email or stop us if you see us walking around. Benjamin will do anything to avoid having to write their essay, and will delight in being talked to. Zina can usually be found lurking around the library and since she’s awake almost 24/7 can help or talk to you any time. 

Some things we (try our best to) do;

    1. We will let you know about queer events happening around Oxford (set up by us, LGBTQ+Soc, the LGBTQ+ branch of the SU etc. You can also ask us to host something!)

    2. Be a point of call for any and all LGBTQ+ related issues that may arise in and around Oxford - if you need support, then we are here to help/direct you to the places you can get help.

    3. We cooperate with the Wellbeing officers to create a comforting and safe environment at College - we plan on hosting stress relief tea and coffee events weekly.

    4. Provide the opportunity for all members of college to learn about the LGBTQ+ community and try to make Christ Church a safe space to explore one’s own preferences (also making sure the closets of requirements are always stacked) 


Hello! I'm Bea and I am your Arts rep until the end of Hilary term. I am in charge of all arts-related matters in college. Traditionally, we host an arts week in Hilary term, so stay tuned for an easter egg hunt and more. If you have an arts project, do not hesitate to approach me for funding, I are more than willing to support your ideas!

The picture rental scheme will be happening this year. By paying a small deposit, you can rent out an artwork for display in your room. Check your arts emails for more updates, we are planning to go ahead with this in week 3. The sign up is open already!

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